We seek to maximize your after-tax returns in accordance with your specific risk tolerance to achieve your financial goals. One way we attempt to reduce your risk is by providing a diversified investment portfolio of historically uncorrelated assets.

Even the highest-quality stocks and bonds are vulnerable to changing market, economic, and industry conditions. As a result, we first determine how the economy, political and geopolitical events, and other macro-economic factors might impact capital markets. Based on this assessment, we then decide which asset classes to invest in and whether and how to adjust the asset class weightings in client portfolios — in an effort to reduce risk, to take advantage of emerging opportunities, or both.

Finally, we seek out individual securities that fit our quality, value, and risk-conscious criteria as well as our economic and market outlook. With a sixty year history of helping clients invest we do not succumb to market or investing fads.


Our goal is to be fully invested, and we do not attempt to time the markets (i.e., completely exit and re-enter) when market or economic conditions change.

The evolving macro picture may call for tactical or strategic portfolio shifts. To accomplish this, we review and analyze commentary on, and economic projections about, the capital markets from a well-respected group of economists and credentialed securities analysts from a number of institutions. We pay particular attention to how their assumptions may impact investment returns and risks in the future.


A focus on building low cost, transparent portfolios made up of diverse baskets of securities in accordance with an appropriate asset allocation mix.

Our Research and Investment Committees are responsible for developing the criteria we use to identify securities that may be appropriate for our clients’ accounts and for monitoring current client holdings. These committees meet weekly to review and evaluate investment ideas and weigh economic factors along with fundamental and technical data. We believe our team approach to securities selection helps ensure that only our best ideas rise to the top and become actionable items.