Philanthropic advisory services

Helping you navigate the how, what, and why of giving to improve charitable outcomes and leave a lasting legacy.

Navigating the world of philanthropy can be a challenge. Knowing how and where to give to maximize impact requires experience and expertise. BLBB’s philanthropic advisory services can help.

BLBB Advisors has a distinctive perspective on philanthropy because we oversee BLBB Charitable, our private foundation focused on supporting education and leadership opportunities in our community.

Nicole Tell, the Executive Director of BLBB Charitable and a former lawyer, has years of philanthropic and governance experience (as a funder and as a leader at area nonprofits). We have a unique insight into choosing the right charitable instrument for your needs, as well as experience in helping others create a philanthropic strategy.

For our most generous clients, BLBB Philanthropic Advisory Services:

  • Determines the correct vehicle for philanthropy (whether during a lifetime or as part of estate planning)
  • Develops philanthropic strategies based on goals and expected outcomes
  • Designs and implements grants and social investment guidelines
  • Works along with legal and tax experts in an effort to ensure the most tax efficient asset allocation
  • Researches and connects you to organizations that fit interests and strategy
  • Advises on impact giving and investments
  • Facilitates meetings with grantee partners, beneficiaries and family, and board members
  • Advises on foundation governance, and roles and responsibilities of foundation directors and trustees
  • Advises on how to find a community opportunity that balances your purpose, passion, and experience
  • Provides resources on how to incorporate your family members into your philanthropic strategy

If you would like to learn more about how BLBB Advisors can help with your philanthropic goals, please contact your BLBB financial advisor.