Socially responsible investing

Where your financial goals and personal convictions intersect

Is it important to you that your investment portfolio aligns with your financial goals and your personal values? If you answered yes to this question, then you may want to consider integrating a socially responsible tilt into your portfolio. We can help you accomplish this.

Socially responsible investing – also known as “sustainable” investing or ESG (environmental, social, governance) investing – has become more mainstream over the last several years thanks to the proliferation of reasonably priced investment vehicles across multiple asset classes that incorporate a wide variety of socially responsible investing strategies. It is now possible to build well-diversified and socially responsible portfolios without making significant compromises on fees or performance.

Priorities and metrics

Socially responsible investing prioritizes companies that provide positive social and/or environmental impacts on society. For those who may not be overly familiar with the concept of socially responsible investing, the basic premise is that companies should be evaluated on a number of metrics to ascertain whether or not they are socially responsible. These metrics often include things like:

  • Are employees treated fairly?
  • Is corporate leadership, including the board of directors, comprised of a diverse group of individuals?
  • What is the company’s carbon footprint?
  • Does the company engage in sustainable, environmentally friendly practices?

Our socially responsible investment offerings use a variety of metrics to seek out securities that, relative to their peers, are doing more to make an impact.

The result is a portfolio customized to match your preferred asset allocation mix and risk tolerance while also providing more of your investment capital to companies that outperform their peers on ESG metrics.
We use exclusionary criteria when selecting individual stocks and bonds and we use up to 37 different industry-specific socially responsible investing criteria to select index funds (ETFs) with an ESG tilt.

If you would like to learn more about incorporating socially responsible investment criteria into your portfolio.