Business Retirement Plans

Our approach maximizes quality and core effectiveness by identifying investments that make sense today and perform well tomorrow.

In addition to providing our corporate and not-for-profit clients with comprehensive ERISA 3(38) investment advisory services in support of the retirement plans they offer their employees, we also help our clients design, build, and manage their retirement plans (401a/401k/403b).

Well-designed and managed retirement plans help our clients accomplish several key goals:

  • Attract and retain talented employees
  • Offer excellent benefits to their employees
  • Meet and promote the business’s strategic objectives
  • Maximize the retirement plan’s effectiveness for the owners and officers as well as the company and its employees

Although we assist our clients with the selection of investment options for their retirement plans, our real work begins well before that.

First, we meet with the business owner(s) to understand their personal and corporate goals for the retirement plan and to review and analyze the current retirement plan (if any).

Then, we develop a customized investment policy for the new retirement plan.

BLBB stays engaged throughout the onboarding process and provides ongoing support to clients as needed throughout the life of the retirement plan.

Our approach maximizes quality and core effectiveness by attempting to identify investments that make sense today and also have the potential to withstand the test of time.

​In retirement plans, we use only no-load mutual funds and low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and we prefer to equip our clients with the tools necessary to educate plan participants in the finer points of investing.


  • 401A,401K, 403B, and retirement plan design and “right sizing”
  • Profit-sharing plan strategic formula development
  • ESOP and Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan design
  • Participant Investment Education
  • Fiduciary Responsibility Audits
  • Plan Investment Menu development and maintenance
  • Plan conversion and takeover coordination
  • Cash Balance Plan design
  • Executive benefit plan design
  • Government reporting and disclosure
  • Employee Plan communications