Strategic planning for life. For retirement. For future generations.

Life is complex. Major financial decisions can dramatically impact the quality of our client’s lives. Thoughtful planning assists our clients in making better decisions in achieving their personal and financial goals.

The enduring nature of our client relationships, many of which are multi-generational, is due to our holistic approach to planning and investing, as our attentive and knowledgeable spirit.

When life takes a sharp turn.

We help our clients answer complex financial questions.

Retirement and Estate Planning

  • Will we outlive our assets?
  • When can I reasonably expect to retire?
  • How can I maximize the value of my Social Security and Medicare benefits?
  • How can my business and real estate assets be applied to support my retirement and life goals?
  • If I pass away, what standard of living will my family have and is there a plan to guide them?
  • How should I evaluate long term care and living options for myself or my parents?

Investment Strategy

  • How might my tolerance for risk impact the expected value of my after-tax returns and size of investment portfolio?
  • How might my current investment strategy hold up under various market scenarios?

Living My Best Life

  • Can I afford to change jobs to one that I am passionate about even if it pays less money?
  • How can I transfer wealth to the next generation?
  • How can I best provide for a child or spouse with special needs?
  • How should I evaluate long term care and living options for myself or my parents?
  • How can I efficiently design and implement an endowment strategy for the values I believe in after I am gone?
  • How can I give funds to causes I care about- either when I am living or after I am gone?

For our community and charitably minded clients, learn more about our Philanthropic Advisory Services.

Our Services

Drawing on robust, technology-based tools and decades of our own experience, we work with clients to craft and implement strategies that help tackle a wide variety of life goals through investment management and financial planning.

We can also advise on additional areas that touch on a client’s financial well-being. With more complex areas such as insurance, tax, and estate planning, we often create a team made up of the client’s existing advisors and consultants we know and trust.