Financial advisors to entrepreneurs

Incorporating substantive, advanced business planning into personal financial plans and goals

We recognize that an entrepreneur’s business is often their single largest asset. We integrate this asset into an entrepreneur’s master financial life plan; provide trusted, knowledgeable counsel on how to maximize the value of that asset; and provide real-world, implementable management control systems to mitigate risk to the business and to the entrepreneur personally. Our focus is on maximizing the success and value of the business and aligning its goals with an entrepreneur’s comprehensive personal financial plan.

A master financial plan may incorporate strategic planning for the business; financing efficiency (flexibility to support the business’ needs; cost; resiliency against shocks); prudent risk management (insurance; legal structure; human resources); and exit/succession planning alongside the entrepreneur’s personal and family goals.

We meet with you to understand your concerns. If requested, we review current and historical financial statements and key legal documents to obtain a further understanding of your business. Following this meeting and document review, you can expect the following:

  • An initial assessment
  • Written preliminary findings including proposed tangible recommendations and action items
  • Assistance with prioritizing action items and tasks (mitigate weaknesses and identify opportunities for the business)
  • Periodic meetings to monitor progress and update the plan
  • Ongoing support; serve as a confidential, knowledgeable sounding board. In some relationships and to varying degrees this effectively takes on the role of an advisory board.
Our clients have the advantage of a seasoned team of highly credentialed professionals on their side, letting them tap into the capabilities usually available only to large-scale enterprises.

Retirement Plan Services

Providing maximized tax deferral options for business owners while offering robust, cost-efficient, customized, and user-friendly retirement plans to employees.

Find out more about Edward Barnes and Brianna March who head up the Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Planning Services for Business Owners

We work closely with business owners to help them structure their personal retirement savings plans, maximizing their ability to save for retirement in a tax-advantaged manner.