BLBB’s Value Proposition

Why do you need a Financial Advisor?

When you choose to work with a BLBB financial advisor you are choosing to add an experienced and independent voice of reason who also has a fiduciary obligation to act in your best interest and who will bring clarity to your complex planning issues and situations.

Your BLBB advisor will help you:

Develop a comprehensive and customized financial plan
Identify an appropriate asset allocation given your risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and other key variables and goals that are unique to you
Invest your portfolio using cost effective and easy to understand securities (stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds) identified and monitored pursuant to our rigorous security selection and review processes
Regularly monitor your portfolio and rebalance when necessary to ensure your portfolio remains within its asset allocation parameters and to limit risk
Increase tax efficiencies when warranted
Decide which assets should be placed in taxable versus tax-sheltered accounts
Plan for the future (retirement, college tuitions, intergenerational wealth transfers, philanthropic endeavors)
Make smart financial decisions and stay on track with your asset allocation and financial plan
Identify potential pitfalls that could derail your financial plan and develop solutions
Coordinate with your other professional advisors (attorney, accountant, insurance advisor)

In many respects, your BLBB advisor is your coach, your guide, your general contractor, and your sounding board.