Strategic planning for life. For retirement. For future generations.

We focus on improving client outcomes by helping our clients achieve their personal and financial goals. Life is complex. Major financial decisions can dramatically impact the quality of our client’s lives. Thoughtful planning often provides clarity which assists our clients in making better decisions and successfully charting their own unique financial course through life.

The enduring nature of our client relationships, many of which are now multi-generational, is not only due to our holistic approach to planning and investing but also to the attentive and knowledgeable spirit of our team.

When life takes a sharp turn.

We focus on providing perspective, access to specialized resources, and perhaps, most important, solutions that help reduce anxiety and concerns. We help our clients answer complex financial questions such as:

  • Will we outlive our assets?
  • When can I reasonably expect to retire?
  • How can my business and real estate assets be applied to support my retirement and life goals?
  • If I pass away, what standard of living will my family have?
  • Is there a plan to help guide my surviving spouse and children?
  • How can I maximize the value of my Social Security and Medicare benefits?
  • What type of lifestyle can I lead in retirement? In semi-retirement?
  • How might my tolerance for risk impact the expected value of my after-tax returns and size of investment portfolio?
  • How might my current investment strategy hold up under various market simulations and how might that impact my planned spending in retirement?
  • Can I afford to change jobs to one that I am passionate about even if it pays less money?
  • How can I transfer wealth to the next generation?
  • How can I best provide for a child or spouse with special needs?
  • How should I evaluate long term care and living options for myself or my parents?
  • How can I efficiently design and implement an endowment strategy for the values I believe in after I am gone?

Our Services

Drawing on robust, technology-based tools and decades of our own experience, we work with clients to craft and implement strategies that help tackle a wide variety of life goals including:

  • Equity investment management
  • Fixed income investment management
  • Customized asset allocation
  • Financial Planning:
    • College funding
    • Retirement income planning
    • Strategies to maximize Social Security benefits
    • Assistance in developing cash flow and budgeting, tax, estate, and risk management plans
    • Major liquidity events such as the sale of a business or real estate in a tax effective manner
    • Unusual employment-related income (significant severance payments, stock options, restricted stock, liquidation of “phantom stock” rights in private companies)
    • Handling inheritances, asset transfers, and other wealth events
    • Changes in family status such as widowhood and divorce
    • Charitable gifting and philanthropy
    • Strategies around making gifts during your lifetime to family, or friends 

If desired by the client, we also comment on:

  • Risk management through insurance (though we do not sell insurance policies)
  • Debt structure (i.e. mortgages, business loans)
  • Management of income-producing properties
  • Tax and administrative efficiency of charitable giving alternatives
  • Executive employment planning (retirement, change of employment, exit planning, severance negotiations, financial evaluation of deferred or incentive compensation alternatives)
  • Helping your children understand basic money and finance concepts and the financial impact of various career and lifestyle decisions
  • Transitioning from a single-family home to independent or assisted living facilities, referrals to resources who can physically help you with house staging, organization, and moving
  • Transitioning your family’s financial management activities (bill paying, budgeting, or rental property management) from one spouse to another or to a responsible adult child

With more complex areas such as insurance, tax, and estate planning, we often create a team made up of the client’s existing advisors and consultants we know and trust.

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