Brianna Barnes March

Brianna Barnes March
Financial Advisor



  1. Name: Brianna March
  2. Current Role: Financial Advisors
  3. How long have you worked at BLBB Advisors LLC? January 2022 will mark 3 years.
  4. Why did you decide to become a financial advisor? I was fortunate to grow up around it and watch my father as he helped people prepare for their retirement. I started out my career helping individual participants in 401(k) Plans make the most out of the plan available to them and that truly sparked my desire to be in this industry.  As a woman in the industry, I have a unique approach to the way in which I listen and empathize with clients, especially when it comes to helping clients navigate their personal finances and investments through life events.
  5. What do you like to do outside of the office? Other than spending time with my family, I find cooking helps center and relax me. I love to find new recipes and then watch as others enjoy the food I have prepared.
  6. What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in the financial advisory industry today? Learn to listen and listen again. Most of the time clients or prospects are so used to walking into financial meetings where an advisor takes over but I have learned that if you can try to remember the small things – where their child goes to college, favorite food places at the beach, etc. – and recall them at a later date, people will be grateful that you took the time to listen, remember, and recall.
  7. What is your favorite vacation destination and why? It’s hard to choose my favorite vacation destination but I love vacations that take you out of your comfort zone whether that is through language, food, or culture. Thailand was one of those vacations where everything was so unfamiliar and yet immediately I felt at home traveling from one city to the next.