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Investing in Sound Nonprofit Strategies to Create Stronger, Thriving Communities


BLBB Charitable supports initiatives that help people discover their true and full potential through education and leadership opportunities. In keeping with the legacy of its founders, BLBB Charitable makes more than donations—it makes investments in nonprofit organizations whose creative approach and sound strategies yield meaningful and measurable outcomes for the people they serve. Learn more about how BLBB Charitable accomplishes this mission.

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BLBB Charitable supports nonprofit organizations that have filed at least one 990 with the IRS as a 501(c)3 exempt organization (and are current with IRS filings) and that fall within one of its Grant Programs and Geographic Priorities.

Geographic Priorities

BLBB Charitable gives priority to –and mainly supports—organizations serving the Greater Philadelphia region, especially those in the Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA area where BLBB is located.

Grant Programs

BLBB Charitable has three main grant programs:

Employee Matching/Volunteer Service Grants: Upon request from BLBB employees only, BLBB Charitable will match employee charitable contributions and provide general operating support grants to community organizations that they support in a leadership capacity.

Corporate Citizenship Grants: BLBB Charitable will consider requests for special event sponsorships to organizations in its community whose missions align with BLBB Charitable’s focus on education and leadership opportunities. Priority will be given to organizations that BLBB Charitable already supports through grants and/or upon the recommendation of BLBB employees or friends.

Education and Leadership Impact Grants: In keeping with its mission to support initiatives that help people discover their potential through education and leadership opportunities, BLBB Charitable will consider requests for operating support, project support, and capacity building (including sustainability work, and leadership or professional development) with a focus on the following areas in particular:


  • Youth Development: Academic Enrichment/Character & Leadership Development
  • K-12 Private Schools (with a focus on K-8th grade education, professional development, or broad-based projects beyond one single school)
  • College Access & Post-secondary Opportunities
  • Local Environmental Education
  • Financial Education/Economic Self-Sufficiency

BLBB Charitable will not fund “Education and Leadership Impact Grants” for organizations whose primary mission is political or religious (such as organizations whose principal purpose is promulgating a particular religious faith, creed or doctrine), unless the grant will specifically support a program that meets BLBB Charitable’s focus areas and the political or religious component is not the primary aspect of the program.



If you meet the above criteria and wish to submit a request for funding for an Education and Leadership Impact Grant, your next step is to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) through our online system. On a monthly basis, BLBB Charitable will review each LOI and communicate whether your organization will be invited to submit a full application. Only LOIs submitted through the online system will be considered. Please do not send any additional materials unless requested to do so.


If either through acceptance of a LOI or a conversation with BLBB Charitable you are invited to submit a full grant proposal, please be aware that Education and Leadership Impact Grant requests for funding greater than $15,000 or for multiple years shall adhere to the following deadlines:


Grant Cycle: Grant Application Deadline:
Board Meeting – mid-March February 19, 2021 | February 18, 2022
Board Meeting – 3rd week in June June 4, 2021 | June 3, 2022
Board Meeting – 3rd week in September

August 20, 2021 | August 19, 2022

Board Meeting – 1st week in December

November 10, 2021 | November 9, 2022

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BLBB Charitable proudly supports numerous nonprofits through impact grants, as well as through employee matching/volunteer incentive grants leveraging the philanthropic giving of employees of BLBB. BLBB Charitable also brings their grant partners together to leverage their distinct talents. Examples of recent impact grantees include:


Leveraging Partnerships

BLBB Charitable takes pride in not only investing resources into sound organizations, but leveraging the deep knowledge and skills that its grantees have to share with other organizations and communities. Working together, we can help even more people discover their true and full potential through educational and leadership opportunities.

BLBB Charitable
Mailing Address: BLBB Charitable, c/o Foundation Source, 501 Silverside Road, Suite 123, Wilmington, DE 19809
Mailing Address: BLBB Charitable, c/o Foundation Source, 501 Silverside Road, Suite 123, Wilmington, DE 19809