The BLB&B mobile app is now available in the app stores for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. The BLB&B mobile app allows clients to easily access account data in a way that is most convenient to each user. Just search for “BLBB” in the app store for your mobile device and you will find the application which is free to download. You will have to provide your login credentials upon your first use of the app. If you use your phone’s fingerprint scanner to log in, you will be able to easily sign in after your initial login using your fingerprint.

The app is available for all clients with a BLB&B Client Portal. The Client Portal is an easy way to access your account information that is always available. It also contains a secure document vault that is much faster and safer than email or paper mail for sending and receiving documents to and from your financial advisor. Please contact your financial advisor if you do not have a client portal and would like to be able to access your account data and receive statements online.