Volunteer Resolutions

Feb 9, 2022

Last year, in addition to several group volunteer engagement activities by the BLBB team, more than half of all BLBB employees volunteered in a leadership capacity with a nonprofit (or 2 or 3) in our community. In honor of their board and volunteer leadership efforts, BLBB Charitable awarded over $90,000 in general operating grants to those organizations.

Don’t have time to join a board this year but made a new year’s resolution to do volunteer work in 2022?

We have some great ideas for you. Below is a list of curated volunteer opportunities at a wide range of local organizations. These organizations are in desperate need of your help: whether it is one-time event help or on-going mentoring or professional expertise, nonprofit staff are stretched to capacity with high demand for their services. Reach out now to learn how you can get involved.

List of Volunteer Opportunities