BLBB Charitable and CIarifi Partner to Bring Financial Counseling to Montgomery County Families

Nov 16, 2021

Program to Serve More Than 500 Families Over Four Years

BLBB Charitable announced this week a grant of $200,000 over four years to help Clarifi expand its financial empowerment counseling model in Montgomery County.

Clarifi currently provides primarily housing counseling work in its Jenkintown office. The BLBB Charitable grant will allow Clarifi to expand its counseling hours to serve more Montgomery County residents through its financial empowerment program. The financial empowerment model is Clarifi’s relationship- based approach to counseling, coaching and asset building activities that help clients achieve their self- set financial goals. With funds from BLBB Charitable, Clarifi will be able to counsel at least an additional 125 individuals and their families per year in Montgomery County.

Clarifi’s certified financial counselors base their counseling practices around Clarifi’s core values of empathy, integrity, and tenacity. That means wherever you are on your financial journey, Clarifi will meet you there. Clarifi’s counseling services can assist clients with a wide variety of financial issues including securing safe bank accounts, establishing emergency savings, increasing credit scores, reducing debt and much more. Clarifi counselors work collaboratively with their clients to create step-by-step action plans that help them achieve their goals, and follow up with clients at 30, 60, and 90 days post- appointment to ensure they’re on track and connect them with additional resources. Financial empowerment counseling is provided free of charge to clients and there are no limits on the number of appointments families may access.

“Clarifi’s vision to empower individuals to achieve financial resilience and positively impact their communities aligns perfectly with BLBB Charitable’s philanthropic goals. As the giving arm of BLB&B Advisors, LLC, a wealth management firm, we know the importance of helping citizens become both financially educated and financially healthy, and we are excited to bring these services to the wider community in our backyard,” said Clifford P. Haugen, President of BLBB Charitable.

“While social services for low-income families are abundant in large cities like Philadelphia, too often their suburban counterparts lack the same access. We’re thrilled to partner with BLBB Charitable to bring these services to Montgomery County families. Financially resilient families make for strong and vibrant communities and Montgomery County absolutely deserves that,” said Stephen Gardner, Executive Director of Clarifi.