While aging in your own space may not be the right option for everyone, those who prefer this path will be better prepared if they plan well in advance and then regularly revisit and update their plan over time. Remember, this is a long process and not something you accomplish overnight. Contact your BLBB financial advisor today (215-990-1056) to discuss your future plans and walk through this home preparation to be better prepared when the time comes.


☐           All areas leading to/from stairs, patios, and driveways, where there may be a step up or down

☐           Auto sensor/security light at exterior doors

☐           Low lights along hallways and stairs

☐           Light-activated doorbell for hard-of-hearing residents

☐           Height appropriate switches near entrance to stairs/hallways/rooms/closets

☐           Auto lighting inside closets

☐           Bright task lighting for work areas

☐           Rocker light switches

☐           Voice activated lighting

Fall prevention:

☐           Non-slip, secure floor coverings

☐           Interior and exterior doorway thresholds flush with the floor

☐           Handrails at the appropriate height and size

☐           Color and texture contrast to indicate changes in floor surface area; top and bottom of stairs

☐           Driveway and walkways in good condition and level

☐           Bench or table directly inside door for packages

☐           Electrical cords out of the flow of traffic

☐           Grab-bars at appropriate height located in tub/shower/toilet areas

☐           Extra tall toilet

☐           Shower equipped with adjustable showerhead and hose

☐           Bathtub/shower slip-resistant mats or treads

☐           Emergency call button or intercom located in bathroom

☐           Walking aid stored near bed


☐           House number clearly visible from street for first-responders

☐           All entryways and hallways free of debris

☐           Exterior door peephole at proper height for all residents (may require multiples)

☐           All exterior doors have secure, easy-to-use locks, bolts, and knobs at the appropriate height

☐           Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in working order with annual inspection

☐           Security alarm, emergency alert system and/or video-monitoring system

☐           Thermostats are easy to locate; settings are easy to read; pre-programmed

☐           Windows and safety locks are easy to operate and contain screens

☐           First aid kit for minor cuts

Easy access:

☐           Dishes can be reached without climbing

☐           Counters/tables are of appropriate height for wheelchairs

☐           Window curtains/shades/cords are easy to reach and open/close

☐           Faucet handles with easy to operate lever design

☐           Bedside table to hold personal items within easy reaching distance

☐           Doorways wheelchair width – minimum of 34 inches for exterior doors and 32 inches for interior doors

☐           Possibly ramp to main entrance

☐           Master bedroom, bath, and laundry on first floor, if possible

Additional considerations:

☐           5-foot by 5-foot clear turn space in all main rooms

☐           A list of emergency contacts with phone number predominately displayed

☐           Medication and dosage reminders and list(s) predominately displayed

☐           Large screen monitors for computers and TVs

☐           Investigate home delivery services for medications and food

☐           Advanced Directives current and shared with appropriate family/friends/professional support

☐           Schedule a standard check in call with family/friend

[Aging In Your Own Space]