BLB&B offers customized financial, investment advisory,
and planning services
to individuals, families, trusts, and foundations



BLB&B understands the challenges many small to medium-sized family foundations, endowments, and charitable organizations face when seeking an asset manager. As a firm, we are charity-minded    Read more



The BLB&B investment strategies were designed originally to help clients accumulate assets to meet various goals in the future. With the passage of time, clients now ask us to help them generate income   Read more


How to Be Generous...

...With Your Family and Yourself  We frequently work with clients who are inter­ested in financially assisting the younger gen­erations in their family. This may mean offering to help children or grandchildren with specific expenses like buying a house, paying college or graduate school expenses, or assisting with new business start-up costs. It may also mean making annual financial gifts to family members or taking your extended family on an annual vacation. Sometimes, a client will find them­selves financially assisting an adult child through a period of unemployment, a divorce, or a medical crisis.  Read more  

We Welcome Cory S. Jackmuff BLB&B Advisors, LLC In August, Cory Jackmuff joined us as our new Operations Specialist. In this capacity, Cory will be oper­ating and monitoring our portfolio management software system and working on a variety of data analy­sis and other special projects. Cory will also be providing technology support to the firm.    Read more  

Don't Lose Your Old 401K's

Given the number of times the average Amer­ican changes jobs over the course of their working life, it probably is not surprising to learn that along the way 401k’s tend to get “lost”. The mobility of the American workforce exacerbates this situation. As Americans move around the country in order to advance their careers or take advantage of new opportunities, they do not always remember to update their address with the custodians of all their 401k’s. It is easy to remember to update your address for the retire­ment plan account you have with your current employer but not so easy to remember to do so on accounts held with prior employers — espe­cially given that you may only be sporadically receiving account statements if the accounts are small and relatively inactive.     Read more 


Alpha Mid Atlantic Ministries

We are proud sponsors of the Alpha Mid Atlantic Ministries 6th Annual Golf Outing Dinner & Auction being held on Monday, September 26, 2016 at the Talamore Country Club    

LaSalle College High School

We are pleased to support the 2016 LaSalle Auction "Laissez les bon temps roulez" on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 6:00 pm    

Mount Saint Joseph Academy

We are proud to support Mount Saint Joseph Academy Miles of Magic 5K on Saturday, October 22, 2016 starting at 7:30am    

2016 Explorers

We are proud to support the LaSalle College High School 2016 Explorers. GO Explorers!    



Founded in 1964 as a brokerage firm serving individual clients, BLB&B is that and much more today.

During five decades of service to clients in the Philadelphia metro area, we have stayed true to our original mission: to provide individually managed portfolios tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client, using a disciplined and relatively conservative investment approach. Read more