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BLB&B Investment Strategies

For our investment advisory clients, BLB&B develops and builds portfolios customized to each client’s unique financial circumstances, goals, needs, and risk-reward profile. Most often, we diversify a client’s investments across a broad spectrum of asset classes. We construct portfolios using individual stocks and bonds and may employ exchange-traded funds to achieve the desired level of diversification. Account holdings can be further customized when necessary or desirable ― for example, to manage tax liabilities or maintain exposure to a favorite security. Client portfolios are managed on site by our investment professionals; we do not hire third parties to manage client assets or make decisions about client portfolios. 

  • Value-Oriented Equity Strategy
    Value-Oriented Equity Strategy
  • High-Quality Fixed Income Strategy
    High-Quality Fixed Income Strategy

BLBB Equity When selecting equities, we aim to purchase stocks trading at a discount to key measures of a company’s financial strength, or at prices that are temporarily below the stock’s normal price range. By attempting to not overpay for stocks, we may gain some protection if stock markets decline. Additionally, many of the stocks we select pay a dividend that adds to portfolio returns. Still others exhibit growth characteristics that may make them more valuable over time.

BLBB Fixed Income2 When selecting bonds, we generally stay true to our relatively conservative approach to investing and focus primarily on investment-grade taxable and tax-free securities. From time to time, we complement these with non-investment grade securities that, in our view, present little risk of depreciation (downside risk) and have strong prospects for receiving credit-ratings upgrades and appreciating in value.