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Investment Management  

“Walk the walk.” 

When selecting an advisor to manage your assets, you should expect nothing less than consistency in their investment philosophy, process, and execution. We think you will find that BLB&B does indeed “walk the walk.” 

Our philosophy:  Investing should be a life-long process built around a client’s changing needs. But an investment manager should treat your portfolio as if your goals must be met every day, not just in the long run. For that reason, the first priority is principal protection; the second, income generation; and the third, growth of capital to build long-term financial stability and offset inflation’s effect. 

Our process:  We select securities with an eye to controlling risk or, more specifically, to assuming no more risk than necessary to pursue your investment goals. We are conscious of the macroeconomic and market environment, pay close attention to price, and avoid highly complicated securities. For a more detailed discussion of our process, click here. 

Our execution:  We tailor each portfolio to your unique circumstances, financial needs, and goals. These often change over time, as does your ability and willingness to tolerate investment risk, so we confer with you regularly about your investment desires and priorities.

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