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Achieving your financial goals requires careful planning and disciplined execution. Developing a strong, long-term, trusting relationship with the right financial advisor can make all the difference.

BLB&B may be the right choice for you if you need and value:


Case Studies:

A Complex, Multi-Generational Family

It’s Complicated

It began with a simple request: would BLB&B perform a financial check-up for a retired couple? Today, it is a strong, longstanding relationship with the many generations of a typically complex modern American family.

Our initial discussions with the couple revealed a knotted web of financial accounts that could be unwound, simplified and refocused, to reduce costs while providing retirement income. Repositioning their assets also would help them better achieve th goal closest to their hearts—providing for the future of their family. But like many family trees today, theirs was complicated by adoption, divorce and remarriage, partnerships, and the presence of current and former step-children and step-grandchildren. Some members of this extended family were doing well in life and work, while others struggled.

We take great pride at BLB&B in the work we have done with this family in the years since. While managing the couple’s investment portfolio for income and growth, we coordinated the creation of a system for transferring wealth to present and future generations. Today, we continue to assist the surviving spouse with a wide range of financial and health care matters. We also advise several generations of the family on how best to utilize their trust funds — to develop skills for success and economic independence, start businesses, plan for retirement, and generally lead the best financial lives they can.

A Regional Non-Profit Organization

Two Decades and Counting

In the 1990s, BLB&B had the good fortune to begin managing the investment portfolio of a small regional non-profit organization. The leaders and staff were excellent at pursuing their mission but less knowledgeable about managing the organization’s finances. BLB&B assisted them with budgeting and cash flow management as well as investing. We also began providing financial education, as needed, for new board members. As the organization and its endowment have grown, so has BLB&B’s relationship with it. In addition to managing the organization’s assets and providing market and economic insights to the board, we also play a role in the development and updating of its investment policy statement and asset allocation strategy.

While much has evolved in our relationship with this group, one thing is unchanged: We focus on cash management and investment performance so that the organization can focus on its mission.

A Couple Preparing for Retirement

A Dynamic Plan for Retirement Income

The approach to retirement is often fraught with questions and uncertainty. Can we afford to retire? At what point in time? Will the money last?

For one couple, the questions were triggered when his employer offered an early-retirement package. Using our Envision software, BLB&B was able to provide him an initial set of answers on where they stood financially, and what they could afford to do. With its sophisticated capabilities, Envision took into account their entire financial scenario: age, cost of living, assets, legacy goals, Social Security eligibility, and other resources, including the potential value of corporate stock options. In short order, it gave a complete picture suggesting their best approach to claiming Social Security, when to tap pension plans ,and a plan for converting the stock options to income over time.

Best of all, now that they have retired, they always have an up-to-date picture of where they stand versus their income and legacy goals. Envision is a dynamic process that is updated regularly via links to their investment accounts, so they can quickly see the implications of changing market conditions or their investment decisions. And it can be modified at will to form new projections and revised strategy whenever they need.