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We are proud of the longstanding, trust-based relationships that we have developed with our clients. We believe that the quality and enduring nature of these relationships – which sometimes stretch to the third and fourth generations of a family – are due to our investment skill and how we work with clients.

Clients ask and answer:

  • Does BLB&B have all the services I need?
  • Am I comfortable:
    • With their qualifications?
    • Firm size and stability?
    • Investment philosophy?
    • That BLB&B will commit to my financial well-being?
    • How will I  access my account online?


We ask and answer:

  • Can our investment approach successfully meet your goals?
  • Is it a good match with your risk tolerance?
  • Do you need more specialized services than we offer?

Once we mutually agree that you and BLB&B are a good fit, a dedicated investment professional and account administrator will work with you to:

  • Clarify investment goals and priorities
  • Invest your assets accordingly
  • Keep abreast of whether your goals have changed
  • Review progress toward goals
  • Assist you in handling life events that impact your financial future
  • Coordinate introductions to others at BLB&B and outside experts

In addition to communicating with you in person or via phone or email, BLB&B provides written communications on a regular basis.

  • Monthly market review and economic outlook
  • Monthly brokerage account statements and quarterly managed account statements
  • Occasional client seminars and events