The Importance of Asset Allocation…

 ... and Portfolio Diversification


Asset allocation and portfolio diversification are two important and interrelated portfolio management concepts. In fact, asset allocation is one way or method to diversify an investment portfolio.

BLBB Welcomes Two New Additions

We are thrilled to announce two new additions to the staff here at Burke Lawton Brewer & Burke: Douglas B. Huntley, CPA (inactive) and Brian P. Gallagher, CFP.® Both Doug and Brian joined us in January. Doug is our Acting Chief Operating Officer and, as such, will help us improve and enhance our internal operations and efficiencies in a variety of ways.




What’s New at BLBB?

  • The partners at Burke Lawton Brewer & Burke are pleased to announce the appointment of John T. Lawton as CEO. John will also continue as a Principal and Portfolio Manager at the firm. Franklin A. Burke, the founder of the firm, will remain in his position as Co-Chairman of the firm.