We Celebrate 50 Years!


Dear Burke Lawton Brewer & Burke Clients, Family, and Friends,


Fifty years ago, Frank Burke and Nick Lawton founded a new kind of investment firm.  In the early 1960s, it was difficult for investors to find an investment advisor who would provide them with personalized investment management advice and guidance.  Investors who could not meet the lofty minimums imposed by large financial institutions often had to fend for themselves.  Frank and Nick, as smaller investors, quickly realized they could provide investment services to others who, like them, were just starting to build their portfolios.


Tips for Effective Goal Setting

Goal setting is integral to the process of planning for your financial future. Without goals, it is difficult, if not impossible, to plan properly and adequately for the many aspects of your financial life. For example, if you have no specific purposes for your money, will you have adequate motivation to save for the future? Even absent any financial goals, you will still need money to live on in retirement! Even if you are motivated to save, without financial goals how will you know whether you have saved enough?


Financial Checklist

We regularly assist our clients with many aspects of their financial lives. Our assistance does not end when a client passes away. Rather, after a client passes away we often work closely with their next of kin to assist with the numerous financial details that need to be addressed following their death. These details can include date of death account valuation, bill-paying, and reregistering and transitioning assets. Also, over the years, we have worked with countless widow(er)s and with the children of our deceased clients as they attempt to identify and track down their loved one’s assets and liabilities.