BLBB Welcomes New Portfolio Managers

We are excited to announce that two new portfolio managers, Robert (“Bob”) C. Johnson, Jr., CFA, and Alan F. Hinkle, joined Burke Lawton Brewer & Burke in March 2014. Bob and Alan will work with current clients and new clients to develop and implement appropriate investment strategies for their portfolios. They will also assist the firm with equity research, asset management, and will participate in our weekly Investment Committee and Research Committee meetings.


Saving for College…

…with a 529-Plan Account

If there are young children or grandchildren in your family, you may want to consider starting a 529 plan account as a way to begin saving for higher education expenses. The costs of college are growing at a rate that far exceeds the inflation rate. For a student starting college 10 years from now, the average first-year cost of attending an in-state public university is projected to be over $26,000. If that same student opts to attend a private institution instead, the average first-year cost is expected to exceed $61,200. It should be noted that these figures are just average projected expenses and, thus, are quite low in many specific instances.


Tax Planning Tables for 2014

Set forth below are some of the most popular 2014 tax planning tables. These are just some of the many tax rates that may apply to your personal tax situation. We are providing these tables as general guidance. As always, you should consult with your tax professional to determine how these rates may apply to your specific financial and tax circumstances.