Set forth below are the 2013 required legal disclosures for BLB&B Advisors, LLC.    If you have any questions or concerns about these disclosures, please do not hesitate to contact your portfolio manager.

Proxy Voting Policy

BLB&B Advisors, LLC will not vote proxies for securities held in client accounts. The client maintains authority and responsibility for the voting of proxies



What to Save, Where, and For How Long?

We frequently receive questions from clients asking us how long they should save their financial and other personal documents. Set forth below is list of document retention recommendations:


What is a Transfer-on-Death Designation

...and when might it make sense for you?

A “transfer-on-death” or “TOD” designation provides for a simple and direct way to transfer assets to named beneficiaries without going through the probate process.  The TOD designation is basically an agreement between you and your financial institution wherein you designate who will become the owner(s) of the assets in your account(s) upon your death.  There are many attractive features to a TOD account designation, but, there are instances when a TOD account has the potential to convolute rather than simplify the settling of an estate.  Set forth below is a brief discussion of the pros and cons of a TOD account.


Economical Travel Tips

We frequently meet with clients to discuss and then assist them in planning for any number of financial life events – wedding expenses, college expenses, purchase of a first or second home, retirement, etc.  As we work through planning for these life events we regularly talk with clients about their personal and financial goals.  Over the years, we have discovered that one of the top personal goals many of our clients share is the desire to travel.  This is also a goal that many of us at Burke Lawton Brewer & Burke share with our clients!  Accordingly, we thought it might be fun and helpful to share a few of our favorite travel websites.